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Aleksandra Miedzianowska


Aleksandra Miedzianowska is The OddDuck. She has a lot of ideas and an ocean of creativity to play. She started The OddDuck Graphics so she could share her passion with others. Alex (for friends) or Sushi (for a few) is self taught graphic design amateur with broad artistic background, who continues to learn and grow just because she likes it. Mainly Adobe Photoshop and Drawings on Paper, plans and drafts are used during most projects to ensure effective work flow .



from fast learning, wildly creative, still improving and developing ambitious amateur.


Something, something and something more that explains why it says "Team" in a header and there is only one face below. There is no I in a team? there is "I" in everyone, isn't it? I think that I'll be ok solo before I'd like to go on vacation or something then I'll find some other "I". (This is silly)

Aleksandra Miedzianowska

Creative Manager/ Head

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